Review – In The Impossible Tension

September 2, 2009

The new release from Good Night, States is a slight turn in a different direction for the band. First and foremost, it was mainly recorded by Steve Gretz and Joe Tanner as they live out of state and for convenience sake, put together the CD on their own. What struck me at first was the stripped down feel to music, not quite ‘demo-ish’ but certainly lacking the subdued bombast of the previous stuff, even though there are traces of it during the closing moments on the set’s opener ‘Arsonist’s Blues’. Yes, it’s a gentler GNS but that’s no reason to shy away. This is great music that is hook laden throughout. I hear a weariness in Steve’s voice and words that fits perfectly with the Elliott Smith style arrangement on a few songs, especially ‘River In The Dry’. I was wondering how the full band would play this material and was surprised that they all pull it off by utilizing gizmos and gadgets that stay true to the recorded music. I am thrilled that I will be seeing them twice in as many days in a few weeks and even though I have an advanced copy, I will be picking up an extra one for good measure. My absolute favorite song, ‘Neighborhood Roofs’, closes the disc and leaves me whistling the outro melody long after the music stops.