Vacation Again!-While I’m Away…

September 22, 2009

Hello neighbors. I am taking a few days off and getting out of Dodge for the G-20. There won’t be any updates till late next week. In the meantime you can help out by visiting CelebSafari. It’s basically a site devoted to people meeting celebrities and posting photos of their encounters. I have had many encounters with celebrities (mainly musicians) but probably my favorite out of all them is my photo with Mister Rogers. I worked as a scenic artist on the show in the late 80’s and my memories of the time are certainly cherished ones. The funny thing about the Safari site is that my photo with Fred is continually ranked #2 most popular out of the thousands submitted! I want it to get to #1!

The only thing standing in the way is Tito…Puente, that is. Here’s where you can help and to really see how many people visit this blog of mine. Click here for my picture and scroll down and rate it a ten-AWESOME. Now, click here and rate Tito’s picture a one-AWFUL. The second vote is actually more important than the first in that just voting for mine won’t change my rating all that much statistically but voting for his will. I appreciate the effort and as always thanks so much for visiting my blog. See you soon. Hugh.