HughShows Blog has featured thousands of original live band photos and has conducted over 1000 musician interviews (including Brian Wilson, Mavis Staples, and Bruce Hornsby) since starting. With the original ‘First/Last’ questionnaire, you get a sense of where the musician has come from and where they are going with their artistic expression.

First/Last – The Stars of Disaster

“Hi, I’m Anthony. I make music under the name The Stars of Disaster. I’m often joined by friends, acquaintances, and occasionally a complete stranger. I love loud rock and poppy hooks.”…

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First/Last – Jordan McLaughlin

“A voice with a smidge of grit marks the sound of Jordan McLaughlin. His country tunes fuse with an alternative sound onto full-band songs, while the solo music he performs maintains an intimate folk feel.” – Pittsburgh City Paper

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First/Last – Vanessa Silberman and Carissa Johnson

Photo via Silver Media Agency

“Vanessa Silberman (LA national Rock touring singer / guitarist) & Carissa Johnson (Boston Rock artist) are teaming up for “The Hearts & Crowns Tour” the most badass rock tour of the fall!

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First/Last – Moses

“We love music; we’ll make our own for awhile. We love everyone.”

Moses is a spaced out jam rock band hailing from Grand Rapids, MI who just last month dropped their debut full-length entitled New Mood. I want to thank Nate Zinzi (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals) for taking the time to participate in this edition of …

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First/Last – Dylan Rooke

“Singer-songwriter Dylan Rooke experiments with the intersection of folk, rock, and some punk grit. Joining with some old friends who formed the accompanying band Red Coal, together they have overlaid vocal harmonies, modern electric and traditional acoustic instruments, to orchestrate a balance between the dynamics of their songs, bringing with them many anthems to be sung arm in arm.”…

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First/Last – Truth in Advertising

“Some people say there is no truth in advertising. They’re wrong. The truth is Truth in Advertising has been hanging around the Pittsburgh area since 1999. What started out as a group of friends hanging out and making each other laugh has evolved into a beloved acoustic act with two full-length albums, years of performing experience and a love song written for a cat.”…

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First/Last – This Pine Box

“This Pine Box was founded in March of 2016 by Jake Knight (Lead Vocals/Guitar) and original member Sean Warpenburg (Bass). The band released its debut EP in July and were featured as Firenotes artist of the month on Bandcamp. This Pine Box is currently recording at Ultrasuede Studio with John Curley of the Afghan Whigs…

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First/Last – Bombadil

“Fences is something new for our band Bombadil. It is more than just an album; it is a new path, a reset after several challenging years. The path began in January 2015, when a longtime member of Bombadil unexpectedly left our band. Daniel Michalak and I sat down to discuss our next steps….

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First/Last – Diane Coffee

“Former Foxygen drummer Diane Coffee (aka Shaun Fleming) just released his PEEL 7” on Polyvinyl. Often described as “psychedelic Motown,” Fleming’s music has caught attention from notable outlets like SPIN, Pitchfork, Uncut, Magnet, Interview Magazine, and more. Of Diane Coffee’s live show, NPR Music raved,…

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First/Last – Sierra Sellers

“Sewickly native Seirra Sellers grew up on a steady stream of R&B, rock, country and gospel thanks to her family’s eclectic taste. She found herself gravitating towards neo-soul artists like Jill Scott, India Arie and Lauryn Hill. Sellers found encouragement in a very good group of friends she’d met throughout her life, especially at St…

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First/Last – Tears of Joy

Tears of Joy is a Pittsburgh power pop band who recently dropped a ‘mini-album’ called Fat Money Summer. The band recorded with Jake Hanner of looooongtime blog faves Donora and it’s hard not to hear the influence he had on the proceedings. …

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First/Last – Brad Abbott

“With a combination of a soft yet powerful vocal style and the gently flowing music behind it, Brad manages to take you back to the 90’s. Best described vocally as a mix between John Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls and Jason Wade from Lifehouse, his 90’s influences show vividly in his music.”…

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First/Last – Kahone Concept

“I put a lot of thought into each song and everything about this project. Except grammar. I am terrible at grammar, but that is besides the point. Everyone has their own beliefs and or thoughts and it is very important to be aware of those things. …

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First/Last – vireo

vireo is a lo-fi psych folk band from Pittsburgh who’s excellent debut release vireonidae dropped last year. The band is finishing up a mini state-wide tour this Thursday (10/19) opening for…

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First/Last – Cisco Kid

“In September of 2015, drummer Marc Martinka started putting together a live band to support his recent solo album, River Rat. In order to do that, he called on former bandmates Brian Swed, Richard Stanley, and Martin Connolly. This iteration of the band quickly realized that they were on to something bigger than the River Rat material, as they quickly began to develop new material and work up their own unique sound. As fall progressed to winter, the foursome rounded out their line up with vocalist Nick Guckert and keyboardist Andrew Van Treeck, finalizing the Cisco Kid lineup.”…

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First/Last – Kaelber

“On December 10th, 1999 at 7:30 PM in Santa Cruz, California, the bassist for Kaelber, Tabor McLeod, was born. Two hours later and 2,700 miles away in Morgantown, WV, lead guitarist/lead singer for Kaelber, Noah Myers, was born. Who would have guessed that 15 years later these two would meet and form the nucleus of Kaelber. During the summer of 2016, the addition of Matt Reese on drums was the final piece to Kaelber and sealed the band’s hard driving, yet fluid sound.”…

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First/Last – God’s Green Apples

“4 piece alt rock band from Pittsburgh that began playing thorough out the tri state area back in the early 90’s. Recently re united and playing live while writing new material for release.”…

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First/Last – Lawn Care

“For a while there, it was just Cameron writing songs, mostly about travelling, trying not to be a shithead, and the looming inevitability of death–you know, the things you worry about in your twenties. He released a couple of lo-fi solo EPs, a split with Boston’s The Michael Character, and shouted in a lot of basements throughout the midwest and northeast.

Towards the end of 2015, Lawn Care went full-band to record the high-energy, three-song EP “Out of Sorts.” The new lineup, featuring Harrison Thurman on bass and John Paul Zigterman on drums, honed their live sound, playing shows with Chris Farren, Emperor X, Mal Blum, Sinai Vessel, and Koji.”…

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Farm Aid Pre-Show with Banditos

Farm Aid returns to the Pittsburgh area this Saturday (9/16) with a stacked all day lineup that promises to be an amazing time. Prior to that there are several events associated with the show that highlight the need for this ongoing charitable program now on it’s 32nd year.

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Video Debut – little good bad

Posted on August 28, 2017

“Three artists from three extremely different ends of the music spectrum, inspired by technology and the constant pursuit of innovation, have combined to form little good bad ( + – ). A soulful pop singer, a punk rock drummer and an electronic producer make up this hybrid pop group of musical misfits.”…

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  1. Nothing's Going On - Live at Thunderbird Café 2015 Meeting of Important People 3:57
  2. Old Folks - Live at Thunderbird Café 2015 Meeting of Important People 4:18
  3. I Know Every Street - Live at Thunderbird Café 2015 Meeting of Important People 3:48
  4. Leaving Here - Live at Thunderbird Café 2015 Meeting of Important People 3:11
  5. Dead Man - Live at Thunderbird Café 2015 Meeting of Important People 3:43
  6. Lindsay Schwartz - Live at Thunderbird Café 2015 Meeting of Important People 4:31
  7. All Rode Off Together - Live at Thunderbird Café 2015 Meeting of Important People 4:48
  8. Tell Me It's Not Too Late - Live at Thunderbird Café 2015 Meeting of Important People 2:53
  9. Gotta Clean Head - Live at Thunderbird Café 2015 Meeting of Important People 3:30
  10. Brittney Lane Don't Care - Live at Thunderbird Café 2015 Meeting of Important People 4:58
  11. One O'Clock - Live at Thunderbird Café 2015 Meeting of Important People 4:40
  12. HughShows YEAH Break Meeting of Important People 0:06
  13. Maybe Tessa Twyman 2:25
  14. The Pittsburg Boogie by Craig Hodgkins - Featuring Chloe Hodgkins - Lead Guitar 3:12