HughShows Blog has featured thousands of original live band photos and has conducted over 1000 musician interviews (including Brian Wilson, Mavis Staples, and Bruce Hornsby) since starting. With the original ‘First/Last’ questionnaire, you get a sense of where the musician has come from and where they are going with their artistic expression.

First/Last – Colin and the Crows

“Smooth and sweet, sometimes psychedelic, the band mainly consists of the Songwriter/guitarist Colin A, the Violin player Aaron Pollard, and the Bass player James “earthworm” Bristol. Other members jump in every once in a while, including a saxophone, drums, piano, and trumpet.”…

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First/Last – Matt Aquline & The Dead End Streets

“Singer/songwriter Matt Aquiline lived and performed in Washington, DC for nearly two decades, but he has always been of Pittsburgh first and recently returned to his hometown to raise his family and perform his music in the town where it was formed.”…

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First/Last – Her Ladyship

“Her Ladyship is a Pittsburgh based indie-folk band featuring lush, soulful harmonies, acoustic guitar, and evocative, literary lyrics.”…

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First/Last – Trigger Happy

“Formed in 2011 by brothers Stephen and Keith King to ‘rock out and have fun,’ Trigger Happy has made a name for themselves as a unique band self dubbed Psychedelic punk…

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First/Last – Just Fern

p>“Punk rock gal from Pittsburgh. Queer af (she/her).”

Just Fern is the moniker of Pittsburgh based bedroom pop songwriter Fern Burgess who has branched out into solo territory after fronting the recently disbanded queercore punk trio SOFT GIRL. Fern’s recent full-length debut entitled All The Space I’ve Taken Up

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First/Last – Chillent

“Since 2015, Chillent has heated up Pittsburgh’s favorite venues, festivals, and airwaves with their one of a kind “soul stew.”

Their hot plate of original compositions, spicy covers, and funky interpretations of Jewish classics have fans comparing their live performances to “klezmer Phish,” and “Maceo Parker at a bar mitzvah.”…

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First/Last – Demos Papadimas

“Singer-songwriter Demos Papadimas skillfully intertwines his love of both American and Mediterranean influenced roots music.“…

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First/Last – Soft Gondola

“Sad songs and hopeful songs about giving yourself over to the relationships and experiences in your life, no matter the hurt it may bring.“…

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First/Last – Soda Club

Soda Club is hard-twee sax pop band from Pittsburgh who are diligently working to get their debut EP entitled Enjoy out to the world on Friday February 2 by celebrating with a cool release show at The Bushnel. Their Bandcamp option will go live that day as well. To warm up, they will be playing this Thursday (1/25) at Shnel Snail Trail

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First/Last – The Pump Fakes

“Artists We Also Like: Most of the bands Jack White plays in.”

The Pump Fakes are are Pittsburgh’s premiere ‘combat rock’ band who aren’t afraid to wear their influences on their sleeve. Fans of Keith Richards, Ryan Adams, Springsteen and The Replacements will find something to love in their original rock and roll.[…]

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First/Last – Distant Futures

“Listen and linger all around me I am the shadow of your step I am the taste of a dream Your Grandma fed you at only 13 Oh, those bells may ring But not for me “…

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First/Last – Anthony Heubel

“Anthony Heubel takes care of a cemetery in the daytime and writes songs at night. Sometimes accompanied by a band and sometimes alone, he makes music that meets somewhere at the intersection of Folk, Country, and Americana…”

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First/Last – Making Movies

“Making Movies thought for a while that their new album I Am Another You was cursed. Finishing the 20-track record got so complicated that supernatural interference started to seem like a legitimate possibility to the American rock ’n’ roll band — and no wonder. Produced by Steve Berlin of Los Lobos,…

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First/Last – Two Birds

“We play music together. There are four of us.”

Two Birds are pop rock band band from Wexford who’s fantastic debut EP entitled The

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First/Last – Sleep Movies

“Too much medicine makes you sick. Sleep Movies Drinks The Potion is a lo-fi scrapbook and the cathartic product following a long period of unhinged self-exploration and inactivity. Oscillating between experimental soundscapes that are at times frightening and enchanting,…

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First/Last – The Stars of Disaster

“Hi, I’m Anthony. I make music under the name The Stars of Disaster. I’m often joined by friends, acquaintances, and occasionally a complete stranger. I love loud rock and poppy hooks.”…

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First/Last – Jordan McLaughlin

“A voice with a smidge of grit marks the sound of Jordan McLaughlin. His country tunes fuse with an alternative sound onto full-band songs, while the solo music he performs maintains an intimate folk feel.” – Pittsburgh City Paper

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First/Last – Vanessa Silberman and Carissa Johnson

Photo via Silver Media Agency

“Vanessa Silberman (LA national Rock touring singer / guitarist) & Carissa Johnson (Boston Rock artist) are teaming up for “The Hearts & Crowns Tour” the most badass rock tour of the fall!

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First/Last – Moses

“We love music; we’ll make our own for awhile. We love everyone.”

Moses is a spaced out jam rock band hailing from Grand Rapids, MI who just last month dropped their debut full-length entitled New Mood. I want to thank Nate Zinzi (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals) for taking the time to participate in this edition of …

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First/Last – Dylan Rooke

“Singer-songwriter Dylan Rooke experiments with the intersection of folk, rock, and some punk grit. Joining with some old friends who formed the accompanying band Red Coal, together they have overlaid vocal harmonies, modern electric and traditional acoustic instruments, to orchestrate a balance between the dynamics of their songs, bringing with them many anthems to be sung arm in arm.”…

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  1. Brooke Intro / Go / Middle of the Mess Brooke Annibale Live at Eide's May 2014 9:25
  2. Under Streetlights / Yours and Mine Brooke Annibale Live at Eide's May 2014 8:15
  3. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds / Decide Brooke Annibale Live at Eide's May 2014 8:13
  4. You Don't Know Brooke Annibale Live at Eide's May 2014 7:21
  5. Tragically Beautiful / Bullseye Brooke Annibale Live at Eide's May 2014 9:25
  6. HughShows YEAH Break Meeting of Important People 0:06
  7. Maybe Tessa Twyman 2:25
  8. The Pittsburg Boogie by Craig Hodgkins - Featuring Chloe Hodgkins - Lead Guitar 3:12