HughShows Blog has featured thousands of original live band photos and has conducted over 1000 musician interviews (including Brian Wilson, Mavis Staples, and Bruce Hornsby) since starting. With the original ‘First/Last’ questionnaire, you get a sense of where the musician has come from and where they are going with their artistic expression.

Live at 25: The Pandemic Series

Posted on March 14, 2020

In an attempt to alleviate the financial burden that Pittsburgh musicians and other artists are going to experience due to cancellations of shows on account to the seriousness of the Coronavirus Pandemic, some cool people are rolling up their sleeves for the ambitious fundraiser Live at 25 Pandemic Series. Scheduled over 25 consecutive nights (and possibly […]

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First/Last – Across the Dawn

Posted on March 13, 2020

“Across the Dawn blends rock and electronic music together to form a sound that’s powerful and atmospheric. Their diverse selection of songs reach your imagination and emotions with musical imagery that is like a photograph developing in the listener’s mind.“ Across the Dawn is an alt-rock band from Pittsburgh who incorporate elements of electronic into […]

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Ticket Giveaway – Railroad Earth UPDATE: SHOW POSTPONED

Posted on March 9, 2020

I am happy to announce that HughShows Ticket Giveaway is back as we team up with the cool folks at Grey Area Productions to offer up a pair of passes to one of their upcoming shows. Today’s contest will get you and a friend into the Railroad Earth concert at The Rex Theater on the […]

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First/Last – Garage League

Posted on March 6, 2020

“Post-Punk… maybe“ Garage League is Pittsburgh power pop-punk trio made up of members from former bands Pollen, Direct Action, and Atom Panic who recently released their debut EP entitled Slotterbot. You can catch the band play all the hits from the EP next Thursday (3/12) when they perform at Brillobox along with Dares from Brooklyn […]

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First/Last – Skeletonized

“Skeletonized makes completely deranged music, incorporating electro-noise, metal, punk, and free jazz into its panic-inducing cacophonies.” – Bored in Pittsburgh Skeletonized is a genre-bending band from Pittsburgh who have just collaborated with another local band, the experimental outfit How Things Are Made, to release a wild album appropriately titled How Skeletonized is Made. Not an […]

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First/Last – Non-Playable Characters

“Their catchy music showcases soulful twin vocal harmonies, introspective lyrics, Penco’s bluesy guitar playing complimented by Miller’s jazzy and classically influenced basslines, with Wilson’s powerhouse drumming backing everything to create a hard rock vibe infused with prog elements.“ Non-Playable Characters is a new power trio out of Pittsburgh who are readying their debut release due […]

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First/Last – Fuzznaut

“Form is Emptiness” is the first complete work stemming from guitar experimentation live and in the studio. To take the listener on a sonic voyage of reverberated canyons, and sludge ridden drones. Creating ominous sounds out of minimalist architecture.“ Fuzznaut is the moniker of Pittsburgh based solo electric guitarist Emilio Rizzo, who composes music as a means […]

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First/Last – TyDanzuso

“Pittsburgh musician doing what he loves and sharing it with the world ❤️” TyDanzuso is a Pittsburgh based multi-intrumentalist and producer who writes, arranges, performs, and records all his music by himself. Handling Guitar, Bass, Keys and Vocals in his bedroom, Ty is planning on a big 2020 as he preps his debut full-length, a […]

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First/Last – The Quiet Loud

“2019 Live. 2020- LP. Film. Book. Poetry. Other worlds. Join the journey.“ The Quiet Loud is a Pittsburgh dream rock / neo-psych band that has been around for a few years now, but have rarely played out live. Come check out the band perform at their second gig ever over in Millvale at The Funhouse […]

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First/Last – ShowPony

“ShowPony is an instrumental rock band that started out in Washington DC in 2010. Since then, they’ve played a bunch of shows, recorded two full-length albums (both at Mr. Smalls), and toured the midwest US and parts of Canada. Blending math, classic, pop and prog rock together, ShowPony offers an exciting live show full of contagious […]

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First/Last – Dematus

“Passionate about stunning the crowd with her abilities and talents the band is fronted by Jessica, a wide ranging, screaming and operatic stylist. Jessica also plays lead and rhythm guitar reminiscent and inspired by the likes of 80’s guitarists Randy Rhoads and Dave Mustaine, along with current guitar virtuoso John 5. In addition Jessica is […]

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First/Last – Dahn ‘N’ Aht

“Singin’ about booze, bras, and self-deprecation.“ Dahn ‘N’ Aht is a garage punk rock trio from Pittsburgh who are slowly getting in the local scene by playing out here and there as they will tomorrow, Saturday, January 11 at Howlers. Also on the bill are local faves The Beagle Brothers, God’s Green Apples and Jim […]

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First/Last – Frame and Mantle

Posted on January 3, 2020

“Frame and Mantle spent the last year revamping their sound and accumulating sketches they had been writing since the release of their 2016 EP, While Our Fields Lie Fallow.“ Frame and Mantle is an indie post-rock band from Pittsburgh who’s debut album entitled Lost Under Nighttime Sky was released last fall. Performing a couple times […]

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First/Last – Flashpoint Run

“The band’s creative process usually begins with a member presenting an idea to the group; sometimes chords for a song or a melody, then the rest of the group collaborates on the song. They are continuously working on creating new music for upcoming album releases. “ Flashpoint Run is an indie rock/pop band from Pittsburgh who […]

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Video Premiere – HughShows Holiday

HughShows Holiday Stevans & Associates, PLLC presents HughShows Holiday 2018 The holiday edition of the popular HughShows television program. Featuring 17 performances from Pittsburgh’s most talented musicians covering your favorite seasonal classics including a few original songs written just for this special. Led by musical director/co-host Nathan Zoob, the house band (including Abigail Iksic, Shawn McGregor, […]

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First/Last – I Swallow Ghosts

“spooky stuff, writing sad songs, openly weeping“ I Swallow Ghosts is the moniker for Pittsburgh based musician Corey Scordo who did all the writing, recording and music for the me pop punk project and is working to get a band together to perform his music out in a live setting. With a full length released […]

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First/Last – Milpool

Milpool is a Pittsburgh based punk quintet led by Bobby Smith (Guitar/Vocals). He also happens to run the DIY label Lemon Tree Records and will be performing next week on Friday, December 20th at McGarvey’s Bar in Altoona, PA along with The Snipped and E.N.D. I want to thank Bobby for taking the time to […]

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First/Last – The Clock Reads

“The Clock crafts their sound from the music that is constantly surrounding their lives. Their arsenal of original tunes is as varied as their musical tastes. The backbone of their sound is formed by tight communication through improvisation, often allowing the band to transcend the “known” and “recognizable” into uncharted territory. This energy creates an […]

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First/Last – Catatoneya

“Following the break up of their band Sylvania. Zachk C. Kyle P., and Nathan O. decided to continue their music careers by forming a new band. Thus Catatoneya was born.” Catatoneya is a Pittsburgh based progressive alt-rock trio who recently released their debut banger entitled Growth. The band is steadily playing around town, making an […]

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First/Last – Shiva Skydriver

“James and Skero are the only permanent members and songwriters, with their live performances being rounded out by musicians on the basis of mutual compatibility and availability.  The band has played over 1,000 shows together since forming in 2008.” Shiva Skydriver is a rock duo from Pittsburgh who have two albums in their discography and are […]

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